Do you know Maddox? Maddox is a South Korean singer and composer under KQ Entertainment (the same company as ATEEZ and fun fact, Maddox is the narrator behind ATEEZ’s Intro and Outro Long Journey). He debuted on April 3, 2019 and his latest song is the single ‘Knight’ (below). This song is perfect to listen to before going to sleep as its message is to heal your heart while you're sleeping.

     In addition to ‘Knight’, he has other great songs such as ‘Color Blind’ and ‘Sleep’. Maddox is a very talented artist, so if you’re interested in learning more about him, be sure to check out his interviews (debut, Rolling Stone Korea, ‘Knight’ chroma-key)! Also, more behind-the-scenes content is available to watch through Maddox’s DOXLOG on YouTube, which shows his daily vlogs and process of producing music. Here are a couple more of his works below.

EDEN & Maddox - LAMP

NiiHWA & Maddox - Passport

So, will you be adding Maddox to your playlist? Be sure to check out his links below for more content and to stay updated!