"No More Cry," Lee Michelle's new digital single, features a "Groovy R&B" sound produced in collaboration with Wildest Dream Entertainment.

     Lee successfully auditioned for K-Pop Star Season 1 in 2011. After that, Lee joined a new girl group called SuPearls, which was signed to YG Entertainment. However, the group was abruptly disbanded before debut, after two years of training. First digital single "Without You" was Lee's first solo effort and boy, was it a big hit!

     In 2015, Lee Michelle released her first mini-album "I Can Sing". Michelle wrote most of the songs for the Playlist, which served as a motivational tool for others. Following her appearance on Tribe of Hip Hop 2, Lee Michelle received the title of "Korean Missy Elliott" for her hip-hop performance. The solo debuts by Korean pop star Lee include, "Without You" (2014), "That's Okay" (2014), "I Can Sing" (2015), "ALOLA!" (2017). "Life Is" (2018), "Day-By-Day" (2020).

     After the second installment of Tribe of Hip Hop, Lee took a break for a little time to enjoy herself. But Lee decided to return after a period of time for her adoring and steadfast followers. "No More Cry" is her new release to bring in 2022. Female musicians like Lee Michelle are setting an example for a new generation of female artists who are taking a more prominent part in their careers by writing their own songs. Lee Michelle‚Äôs songs display great vocals that never go overboard but nonetheless carry a powerful punch, which is felt by the audience.

     On January 31, 2022, at 6 p.m. KST, "No More Cry" will be officially released internationally with iTunes/Apple Music and YouTube, each having the song available for immediate streaming and download. Also, listen to your favorite K-Pop radio stations and you just might hear it being played there. In addition, you will be able to listen to Lee Michelle's heartfelt solo "No More Cry" on Spotify and other music platforms.

     Wildest Dream Entertainment, a division of KCrush America Magazine, collaborated with K-Pop star Lee Michelle on the song. One of the most popular publications in the U.S. and globally for Asian entertainment news and events, KCrush America is an entertainment and variety digital and printed magazine that aims to bring cultures together.

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