AB6IX has released the new album Complete with You. This album is a special release after their sequence albums MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM, and MO’COMPLETE from last year, which marked an incredible comeback since the previous full album 6IXENSE in 2019. Known for being a “self-producing” group, AB6IX participated in producing and writing processes for each of the tracks for the album.

     The members have been credited on each track with their producer, On the Road, from BRANDNEW MUSIC. In addition, this album shares something special from each member by showcasing each of their unique colors and message for their dedicated fans and supporters.

     “We greatly miss our fans during these challenging times brought on by COVID-19. This album embodies our longing and desire to be able to meet them again. Please show your interest and love! I love you, ABNEW” - JeonWoong

Check out the performance video for AB6IX’s 1,2,3, and let us know what you think on our social media!