Don’t you love listening to great music? When you hear a song that sends tingles along your arms, that is truly the best feeling in the world. That’s precisely what happened when I first listened to rising singer-songwriter Ayden Ju’s debut song LOML. He first discovered his love of music at a young age and began learning how to play different instruments. After being scouted by a Korean entertainment company, Ayden decided to return to Los Angeles and work with independent company 5A Label.

     On February 5th, Ayden released self-written LOML, an homage to his days in college. “I was in college when I wrote this song, so it was a very exciting and eventful point in my life.” 5A Label’s own Andre Melara produced LOML and includes the legendary keyboardist Ric’key Pageot on keys. The mid-tempo song with the hard-hitting bass is guaranteed to get your head nodding and have you wishing for warmer weather so you can groove to the music while taking a late-night drive. 

     Even though this is Ayden’s first original song, this isn’t the first time people have heard his euphonious voice. He’s put out a few covers on his Youtube channel to showcase just how versatile he is. This song has put Ayden Ju on my radar, and I encourage everyone to pay attention to this talented young man. 

     Make sure you follow Ayden Ju’s musical journey by keeping up with him on all his social media.