Do you know ONEWE? ONEWE (원위) is a very talented Korean band under RBW Entertainment. They debuted on May 13, 2019 with their single album ¼. The band consists of 5 members: Yonghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong, and CyA.

     Yonghoon is the leader and main vocalist, and he also plays the guitar and keyboard. Harin is the drummer. Kanghyun is the guitarist. Dongmyeong is the lead vocalist and plays the keyboard. And fun fact, Dongmyeong has a twin brother who is in a different group of the same company (Xion from ONEUS)! Rounding it out is CyA, the main rapper who also plays the bass guitar.

     Now that you know the members, let's talk about their music. ONEWE has a lot of great songs such as "Reminisce About All", "Regulus", "Parting", and "A Book in Memory". In addition, although they are not a K-pop dance group, they did a relay dance video with their song, "End of Spring!" Lastly, they recently had a comeback on June 16th with their first mini album "Planet Nine: Alter Ego". In anticipation of their comeback, ONEWE released a highlight medley where they performed a live preview of each song on the album. My favorite songs from the album are the title song "Rain To Be", "A.I.", and "COSMOS". But really, all of the songs on the album are amazing and definitely worth listening to (a no skip song album).

So, will you be adding ONEWE to your playlist? Check them out and follow them on their social media below!