Ever wondered what it would be like to get boba with your favorite k-pop idol? Although the idols are not physically there, cup sleeve events are a great way for you to enjoy some boba with your idols in spirit! Cup sleeve events are a popular way of showing support to idols and celebrating their success or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It's also a great opportunity for fans to meet and interact with each other.

     A cup sleeve event is usually hosted at a boba shop or cafe, and with a purchase of a drink, fans can receive a cup sleeve and extra freebies. Each cup sleeve event is hosted differently so the process of getting the free items will vary, but nevertheless fans can look forward to the cup sleeve, which is designed uniquely for each event.

     In addition, cup sleeve events are a great way for fans to discover fan-created merchandise. Ranging from pins and stickers to clothing, these fan-made products are designed by incredible and genuine fan creators. So the next time you go to a cup sleeve event, be sure to check out their booths!

     And if you’re interested in going to a cup sleeve event, but don’t know where to start? The best place to look is on social media because hosts will often promote their events there. To help start your search, I've created a small list with accounts you can follow to stay updated with the latest cup sleeve events: calicupsleeves, bloomxcafe, kokocups, socalcupsleeves, kpopsocietea.