Earlier this year, Michelle Lee released her latest single, "No More Cry" and we recently had the chance to catch up with her in this exclusive interview.

How did you come up with the concept of your latest song?
As the new year began, I felt like my heart was full of hope. The whole world has had a hard time with the COVID-19 pandemic for two years, and I did too, but I felt like something good was about to happen in the new year. The concept was decided with the meaning of welcoming the new year with hope, comforting everyone for what they have endured.

How would you compare your debut album to your latest comeback, “No More Cry”?
If the debut album was a song about "what kind of person Michelle Lee is", NO MORE CRY seems to have a difference in "what kind of words Michelle Lee wants to say". As always, I am not a person who makes so-called popular music, but a person who says what he/she wants to say through music.

Will you make a music video for “No More Cry”?
I have a feeling it's a bit late. Usually, music videos are filmed in advance and released together when the sound source is released, but we didn't have time to prepare because of the timing, and I think it's a bit late now. Sorry, but we have no plans.

What was the most memorable moment for you during Tribe of Hip Hop?
Two scenes are memorable, the first was the TBT stage and the second was the final stage. During the TBT stage, I had fun working with my favorite Palo Alto oppa, and having fun making the stage. And of all things, my students who were learning vocals came to see the stage. Two of them were watching me from the audience, and I saw them on stage. It was a happy day that I was able to show them as a teacher who does art according to what I teach since I have always taught them to do pure and creative art. While preparing for the final stage, Jooheon was very busy with the year-end awards ceremony schedule, and I was busy with the US schedule. As we didn't have time to meet each other, we decided on the stage and concept by contacting each other through messenger. I had to write a song and send it to her, but I couldn't concentrate because there was no suitable place at my eldest sister's house in the U.S. Then, I went into a small closet of the main room, wrote a song, recorded it briefly, and came back to Korea and prepared the stage with the choreography a day before the recording. I was so thankful that I was able to perform in harmony with the audience on the day of the recording. It was a really fun time.

What has been your favorite moment on stage?
It was when people sang along to my song. Even though I'm not that great, they loved me, loved my music, and joined the art of music together. The thrill of being on stage always excites me.

What is your favorite song right now?
Among Korean artists, I often listen to albums by artists called Nody Cika and Sooyeon. It conveys what I want to say neatly and plainly, and the atmosphere and mood of the song is also very good. Among foreign artists, I mainly listen to HONNE and LAUV's recent albums. Again, I really like the neat and simple arrangement of lyrics and the warm atmosphere of the song.

What do you like to do when you are not creating music?
Play a game or watch a movie. I like it so much that I have been playing one game for 6 years, and I enjoy watching movies mainly about superheroes, especially Marvel movies. And the most recent movie I watched is THE KING'S MAN.

What advice would you give your younger self?
No matter what kind of life you live, it’s beautiful because it’s the way you are. Don't be afraid of anything, make a road that never existed and continue to live beautifully as you have been!

What is your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite artist?
In today's music society, genre doesn't have much meaning anymore. Because it is complex and the characteristics of various genres come out in one song, and it completes a comprehensive art. I just prefer music that is easy to sing and easy to listen to, and I like India Arie, Honne, Lauv, Nody Cika, and Soo-Yeony, etc.

What’s next for you?
I think the way I have been living is very wonderful. There were many difficulties, but I was able to get through it well by receiving more love than that. My goal is to live as I have lived. My goal is not to hold back my curiosity, to study what I want to know, to help people in need, and to jump into something that looks interesting without hesitation to live a happy life without thinking about any benefits.

What would you like to say to your fans?
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many fans who support and love me in many parts of the world. I think we can meet someday. Until that day comes, I will be with you as a friend in your life through music. Never be afraid of life even if many difficulties continue. I will always try my best to give you a little comfort with my voice through music. I love you always!

Thank you so much for taking the time answer my questions. I wish you much success and hope we can work together again in the future.
Thank you for requesting an interview. MAY GOD BLESS YOU :)


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