Korean R&B singer GSoul graced music lovers with something they truly needed before the end of 2021, his first English EP, Natural. GSoul, formally known as Golden, has been on the music scene since releasing his debut single “You” in 2015. In the summer of 2020, he surprised and impressed all the “The Voice” Korea coaches by auditioning under his real name. His singing talent led GSoul to eventually win the popular series by capturing all the viewers of the show with his melodic sounds. Now he’s back with a new EP.

     Natural has five tracks, with four in English and one is a Korean version of his title track “Natural.” Encompassing a variety of songs ranging from R&B to acoustic sounds, they include original work to go with his most authentic songs to date. The making of the track and EP Natural stems from the depression he experienced as the world was dealing with the pandemic, and GSoul not knowing what he would be able to create for his latest EP; at one point, considering not writing music at all for a while. However, with the love and support from his fans, he was energized and motivated to move forward and share Natural, as it has helped overcome feelings he felt. As a result, GSoul has dedicated his latest EP to his fans to show his gratitude for them.

     Aewen Radio was able to talk to GSoul about what it was like writing Natural, his favorite song he’s created, and what he would be doing if he wasn’t a musician.

What was your inspiration when writing the lyrics for your EP, Natural?
It’s just a pure love song. I felt like I was writing a poem, poetry for my loved ones, family, and fans.

Do you have a favorite song that you’ve written or produced?
So far, honestly, it’s tough for me to pick one, but "Hate Everything" is definitely one of my favorites.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process when making new music?
Recording, performing, creating(recording), because I put a lot of effort and so much emotion into literally just every note, every second of my songs, so I always visualize it as I’m painting a picture when I record, so it’s a yes.

What was a fun song for you to create (off this EP)?
I would say ‘"nother Day", because I didn’t expect to write to the track, and it just came out very interesting. I really like those harmonies and vocal arrangements. I had a lot of fun doing it.

You have so many exquisite songs. Which song of your's would you recommend to someone who has not heard your music yet?
Exquisite, okay, lol. There’s so many, so many. I would say, "Hate Everything"’ and I would say "Free" from this EP.

You’ve dedicated “Natural” to your fans. What would you like for them to learn from this album?
I have such gratitude and love for them, and they are definitely one of the main reasons I make music. Of course, I do it because I love it, but me knowing how much they love my music, and yea.

What type of job would you have if you weren’t a musician?
I might have been a monk. This world is too crazy, so I would just go to a temple and just be a monk.

After this new EP, what are your next plans?
Hopefully, the shows and concerts open back up so I could go on a tour. I want to continue making new music, experience life, share with my fans, make music, and grow, evolve as a person first.

You helped produce your latest album. How easy/difficult is the transition from performer/songwriting to producer?
Yes! It’s not easier or different; it’s all part of the whole process. I’ve always been involved in the production process, so it comes pretty naturally.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?
Being able to express myself through music and know that I’m getting better at it. As far as expressing the details of my feelings and what I want people to hear, what I want myself to hear…am I even making any sense?

What is one message you would give to your fans?
I love them so much. They are so precious to me. So I’m extremely, extremely grateful to have that kind of relationship and the connection with my fans.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Loving, genuine, crazy

     A huge thank you to GSoul for taking the time to speak with Aewen Radio. Check out GSoul’s EP Natural on Spotify and follow him on social media.

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