E Entertainment’s boy group E’LAST debuted during the height of when the world was at a standstill due to the pandemic. However, that didn’t stop them from quickly rising to one of the most popular rookie groups of the year. Now the members are back with their recent comeback, Dark Dream. They are ready to show their fandom, ELRING, and new fans that they are here to stay.

     The eight members, Choi In, Seungyeop, Rano, Baekgyeul, Romin, Wonhyuk, Wonjun, and Yejun, all dreamed of singing from a young age. However, becoming a singer isn’t an easy road to travel. “I dreamed of becoming an idol since high school,” Choi In remembers. “I gave up once, due to realistic barriers, and entered a university, but tried again as I didn’t want to regret.”

     The group came together and started their reality show, Unlock, in which they released weekly videos on their Youtube channel. In June 2020, they debuted with their mini-album Day Dream. E’LAST also debuted their first sub-unit, E-LAST U, in May with the song Remember. The sub-unit consisted of Choi In, Seungyeop, Romin, and Wonjun. When asked if they would ever consider creating different sub-units, the members excitedly shared their thoughts. “I’ve thought of “E’LAST Z,” a subunit formed by millennial members, including myself,” chuckles Romin. Seungyeop suggests a hip-hop unit with Wonhyuk, Baekgyeul, Yejun, and Rano. “The name would be Dark Ella.”

     Now that all the members are together again for Dark Dream, Wonjun couldn’t participate in the previous comeback due to schedule conflicts; they reflect on their growth. “We have matured a lot, with live singing and dancing skills. I’m so proud of it. We have a great synergy, as individual experiences affect each other positively, “Choi In says. “For the first time, we entered various music charts, and our music video views exceeded 10 million,” adds Wonhyuk. “These outcomes motivated us to try harder!”

     Their first single album has three songs, including the title track, which has the same name as the album. Wonhyuk tries to explain the concept of Dark Dream. “It tells a story of a complicated toxic relationship through nightmares.” The rest of the album shows their range as artists, with Muse heavily influenced by R&B and To.Lie is a lively pop song.

     While talking about the songs from their latest comeback, the members begin talking about other types of songs they’d like to create. Yejun wants to write a song that tells E’LAST’s story. Choi In would like to make an auditory song instead of a visual one “…since all members are great vocalists”. Seungyeop, who admittedly loves ballads, thought a ballad that everyone could relate to would be a good choice, and Wonjun wants to create a sensual, sexy song as well as a fresh cute one.

     The future looks bright for E’LAST. Since they debuted in 2020, they haven’t had a chance to perform face to face with their fans, though they have put on a successful online concert in the past. Now that in-person shows are happening, the group is excited at the thought of being able to perform. “I want to go anywhere to meet ELRING,” exclaims Baekgyul. “ELRING is our everything, our number 1 priority”. “No ELRING, no E’LAST,” Wonhyuk adds. “I’m dying to hold concerts in many different countries for international Elrings!” Wonjun says.

     These men are so passionate about their fans that they ended the interview with personal messages for them.

Yejun: It is getting colder. Please stay healthy with us :)

Baekgyeul: I’m so sorry for our Elrings that we could not perform in front of you. Things are getting better, so see you soon!

Rano: Thank you for waiting for us and trusting us. You guys are our strength. Love you :)

Choi In: Thanks for your support and love, despite these difficult times. It is hard to express in words how much we are grateful for you. Love you sincerely!

Wonhyuk: Thanks for standing by us and giving us sweet memories. We promise to make you happier. Stay healthy, meet you soon. Love you Elrings!

Romin: Thank you so much for supporting and loving us. I want to pay you back, so stay with us forever <3

Seungyeop: We thank you a lot and will try harder to make you happier. We will get to meet in person someday! Looking forward to it. Love you always!

Wonjun: Elrings! You want to meet us in person, right? So sad we could not perform in front of you. We sincerely hope that the day we can meet comes soon. Let’s wait for that day together! We cherish you so much, see you soon.

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