Synth-pop duo Prudence glided onto the music scene in March 2021 with the release of their debut single, "Drive My Car." The mid-tempo song reminds listeners to breathe and makes you feel as if you are taking a leisurely drive along the coast of the highway by the sea.

     Coming together in 2019 under the label Rolling Culture One,Prudence consists of composer-producer Jung Jee Young and vocalist Yang Ji Yu. They decided to use Prudence as their name because the first song they created together is "Blue is Your Name," and the Korean pronunciation of the word Prudence refers to blue.

     To find out more about this upcoming duo, Aewen Radio spoke to Jee Young and Ji Yu about their start in music, the release of their debut album, and what music they're listening to when they aren't in the studio.

How did each member start their music career? Did you always play music, or did you decide to play later in life?
Jee Young: I remember listening to classical music all the time at home since my dad was an avid classical music lover. He also played the likes of John Denver, ABBA, and Queen. I learned classical piano as a child, but I didn't really take the idea of playing music seriously until I learned to play guitar when I was 15. My older brother played bass in a band at that time, and naturally, I got introduced to many great bands. Since then, it was clear that I've always wanted to be a musician.

Ji Yu: Since I was very young, I liked to listen to music and sing, so when people asked me about my dream, I always said I would become a singer. I received a guitar for my birthday present in middle school, and I dreamt of becoming a singer-songwriter.

Can you tell me about your debut song, Drive My Car? How long did it take for you to complete it?
Jee Young: The first rough demo of the song was written in January 2019. The original title was "Bubble," as I wanted to express the feeling of fading into nothing. However, later that year, as we formed the team, Prudence, we decided to write new lyrics for the song and name it "Drive My Car." So,it took roughly two years to complete the piece.

How did you come up with the concept of your latest album, While You Are Young?
Jee Young: The title "While You Are Young" came to me as I watched a random video from YouTube that filmed free runners on the street. Unlike the others who told them to go away, there was an old lady passing by who encouraged them and told them to enjoy their lives "While you're young." So, I wrote a song about it, and the whole album just started to unravel from there.

Your first song, “Blue Is Your Name”, was created in 2019. Will you ever release it so fans can hear it?
Ji Yu: 'Blue Is Your Name' is the first precious song we made together since Prudence was formed. The song will be released on August 3rd as the title of our first ep album [While You Are Young]. So please show us a lot of love!

How do you create a song? Do you start with lyrics or melody?
Jee Young: I like when I come up with a new idea and lay it down on a blank project. I love it the most because it could potentially become anything at that point.

Ji Yu: I like to write lyrics and melodies at the beginning of song-making, and I also like to put on the virtual instrument sounds that I imagined when I am doing it live.

What kind of music would you say you make?
Ji Yu: We want to make music that reminds people of the color 'blue' like the ocean. We hope that all young people living in the present can warmly remember and sympathize with their past or the present by listening to our music.

What songs have you been listening to recently?
L'impératrice - Fou, Submarine
Lewis Of Man - Un amour au super u
Breakbot - Another You, Fantasy
Clean Bandit - Symphony, Rather be
Roosevelt - Shadows
Myd - Born a loser

Ji Yu: New releases of Inhaler, John Mayer, and Prudence.

What do you like to do when you are not creating music?
Jee Young: When I'm not creating music, I usually spend my time watching movies or TV shows. I also like to take a walk while listening to music.

Ji Yu: I like to watch soccer and movies and also like to read books and poetry.

What kind of job would you have if you weren't a musician?
Jee Young: Realistically, I would've become a lawyer or an accountant, but I'd choose to be a painter or an astronomer if it were entirely up to me.

Ji Yu: I think I would've become a poet.

Where would you like to travel once you are able?
Jee Young: Many places come to my mind, but I'd travel to California first since my brother lives there. I never got to visit him even though he's been living there for almost six years. Other than that, I'd like to visit Spain and France since I really like the painter Salvador Dalí.

Ji Yu: I'd like to visit England, Italy, and U.S.A

What is your favorite song right now?
Jee Young: L'impératrice - Fou

Ji Yu: The Cure - Friday I'm in Love It's a lovely song to listen to in the summer.


Thanks to Prudence and Rolling Culture One for chatting with Aewen Radio. Be sure to support Prudence by following them on social media and streaming their debut album, “While You Are Young”.

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