Staying inside due to the pandemic in 2020 has caused people to become sedentary. I know my days consisted of moving from my work computer to my couch, to my bed, and not much else. I was quite content with not doing much. One person who did not have that mentality is independent R&B singer Kuk Seung Pyo (KSP).

     He has been hustling with his music and his Youtube channel, which recently surpassed 104,000 followers. KSP charged through January with the release of his new single, Why Do You. An English R&B track that features American artist Caleb Cruise. The mid-tempo groove reflects on relationships, how they can go through difficult moments, and the feeling of wavering emotions when a couple decides to take a break.

     Even though the song's meaning is sad, I couldn't help but hit replay multiple times. The music is so good; you can't help but nod your head along to the beat. I could easily see someone like Bryson Tiller featured on the track, something that I mention to KSP in our interview. He seemed surprised at that but admitted that he did think of the American singer when creating the song. Let's not, however, jump too far ahead into our conversation.  

      KSP is no stranger to the music industry. He has been working in it for over ten years, but it wasn't until 2018 that he released his first song, Remain. It's an R&B track that is easy to hum along to as you relax into its melody. I would have to say that it's my favorite song of KSP's.

     "[At first] I didn't even know what R&B stood for," KSP said, chuckling, as we spoke through his interpreter. "I just liked how it sounded." He now listens to R&B almost every day and uses it as an inspiration when creating music. "My favorite R&B musician is The Weekend," he said as I enthusiastically nod my head in agreement. The Weekend is definitely a vibe.

     Speaking of vibes, we touched on his 2019 release, Good Vibes. Compared to his first song, it has a more mature sound. According to the music video comments, the fans REALLY enjoyed the aesthetics and KSP's voice. "There's actually a full English version to Good Vibes, but we haven't decided on whether or not we'll release it yet." To anyone reading this who wants to hear that English version, let KSP know. 

      His new release also has English lyrics. I asked about its conception. KSP said that he knew he wanted to collaborate with Caleb Cruise after listening to his Soundcloud. 

     "My music partner reached out to Caleb via Instagram and sent him my Spotify profile and asked about a collab. Caleb said yes right away." When asked about whether he was nervous about creating English lyrics, KSP explained that he had total confidence. He wrote the lyrics in Korean first, then had some of them translated into English. Finally, he chose which ones he thought would best fit the song's mood, and that was it. Now all that's left is to release the music video.

     "We actually filmed the video at the beginning of January and just finished editing it." The music video should be released at the beginning of February and will portray what happens when a couple falls out of love and decide to end things.

     It's safe to say that KSP has been very busy these past few months. I was curious about how he was able to handle making music during the pandemic.

     "I released [my third single] Wait at the beginning of 2020, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to create any more music for most of the year. Fortunately, with the support of my fans and coworkers in the music industry, I was able to persevere."

     Fans are a huge part of KSP's life. Besides having fans of his music, he has fans of his Youtube channel, Just Reacts. With videos being uploaded almost weekly, it must not be easy to balance his YouTube schedule with creating music. "It is difficult, but I try to manage my time to make sure I give them both the attention they deserve."

     Our interview was nearing its end, but before we said our goodbyes, I asked how he would feel if a fan would do a reaction to any of his videos. "I have goosebumps! I get excited just thinking about it," he said laughingly. "I'm just thankful to anyone who is curious and listens to my music". KSP promises that he will continue to improve and release more singles in 2021, so be sure to support him by following him on his Spotify and social media.


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