Even though 2020 has been one of the toughest years in recent history, there are still normal things happening. People are going to work; movies are debuting every day, and groups continue to debut. Honestly, debuting right now can be difficult, especially since live concerts and events are canceled until further notice. Thankfully, the music shows still happen, even if fans aren't allowed to be there. I was watching M.Countdown when MY.st appeared. 

     The five-member boy group was performing their Korean debut, Don't Know. It caught my ear, and I had to start the song from the beginning before it had ended. The tune is catchy and honestly seemed polished for a group that had just debuted. I did some digging and found out that the group had debuted in Japan two years earlier with a mini-album titled, Boy N Girl.

     K-pop groups doing a soft debut in Japan are not unheard of, but I was curious on why they are doing it. Also, are there any differences between debuting in Japan versus debuting in Korea? I decided to reach out to MY.st's company, MY Entertainment, to see if they would be willing to answer a few questions, and thankfully they were available.

     Jun-tae, Keonwoo, Woncheol, Woojin, and Minho say that their debut in Japan was positive. Rapper Woojin explains, "Both are precious times and good memories that I can't say which is better or happier. I think I was able to work harder in Korea, because of my activities in Japan!" Below they discussed releasing their debut album, whether having previous group experiences helped with their debut and some memorable moments that have happened this year. 


How would you describe your debut album, The Glow: Eden?

Woojin: It's an album that allowed us to meet our fans.

Jun-tae: The Beginning of Five Boys' Story


How long did it take for you to choose the songs for your album?

Woojin: I picked up the songs quickly, and it took me about a month to work on it.

Minho: I think I picked it right away. They were all great songs. Woojin worked hard.


Woojin composed "Don't Know" and "Boy N Girl" on the debut album. Did other members also help write lyrics or produce songs on the album?

Gunwoo: I [didn't] have any direct participation yet, but Woojin sometimes asks what the members think. [For example] Gunwoo, what do you think you'll say in this situation? What kind of scene comes to mind when you hear this?



Some members have previous experience with being in groups and competition programs. (Woncheol was once a part of A6P and HNB. He also participated in season 2 of Produce 101. Woojin participated in BOYS24). How did those experiences prepare you to debut with MY.st?

Woojin: Although it isn't directly impactful, I experienced teamwork first, and it was easier because I experienced various stages.

Woncheol: I learned a lot about teamwork and adaptability on stage during the program. I think it's helpful to experience many things.


What has been the most memorable moment in the past year?

Jun-tae: Debut Day is the most memorable day! 

Minho: KCON JAPAN was the most important stage for me. It was my first big stage, and it made me want more.

Won-chul: The day I debuted is the most memorable. It felt like the door was open to meet the fans again.

Gunwoo: I'm the same as Minho. The most memorable moment was the KCON JAPAN stage. It was my first time performing on a big stage in front of a lot of audiences and I felt a lot of things.


What music concepts would you like to do in the future?

Jun-tae: I want to do a strong performance with a very distinct concept.

Minho: As I always say, I want to sing a song that is always good to hear.

Won-chul: I want to make music that anyone can listen to and will always listen to.

Gunwoo: Like BTOB's 'It's OK,' I want to sing a song that can comfort many people.


What can fans see from MY.st in the future?

MY.st: We're currently working on our next album, and you'll be able to see our new charms. And all the members are practicing to show you various aspects of singing, dancing, and other things, so you'll be able to meet MY.st with multiple content. I will repay you for your support. I will grow up to be cool and happy for everyone.


Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Woojin: I hope we can have more opportunities to meet in the future, and as long as you exist, I'll run hard, so don't worry!!

Jun-tae: Thank you so much for caring about us with love. I'll do my best to repay you.

Minho: Everyone is going through this challenging time in a difficult situation, and I'm worried about our fans. I hope everyone is healthy and I feel very sorry that I couldn't meet them. I think you feel the same way. But as we wait, this time will pass as spring comes.

Won-chul: I'm so happy to have fans, and I'll also make you happy!

Gunwoo: We will trust us and cheer us on! Thank you.


Thank you to MY.st for taking the time to talk to Aewen Radio! We wish you much success in the future. Be sure to follow them on social media and let us know which MY.st song is your favorite.

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