If your music consumption has increased since you've entered quarantine, you aren't alone. I've been focusing on learning about new groups that debuted within the last two years, and let me tell you; it's not an easy feat. There are hundreds of groups that have been vying for my attention, yet I keep getting hooked on songs for days at a time. 

     One such song is Moonlight Aria by the rookie girl group Ariaz. The six-member group consists of Jueun, Sihyeon, Yunji, Dawon, Yeori, and Hyogyeong, and they debuted in October 2019 with this song. Their first EP, Grand Opera, was released shortly afterward. I reached out to them to find out more about their beginnings and how they felt about releasing their first album.

     Grand Opera is such a fun listen. The songs are upbeat and make you want to smile even if you are feeling down. I asked what the group thought of it, and Hyo-Kyung was the first to respond. "Grand Opera, our first debut album, captures Ariaz's unique world view and theme. The album makes the audience feel like they're watching an opera because it is a collection of songs as well as a coherent story".

     Since the pandemic has been keeping everyone indoors and concerts and fan meets have been canceled for the duration, it must not easy to continue to be positive. This seems especially so when you are a group that just debuted, but Ariaz hasn't given up hope. Si-Hyun mentions that the group has stayed active by practicing hard and preparing great performances for the future. Hyogyeong also wants to thank all of Ariaz fans and wants them to know that they are looking forward to meeting everyone as soon as possible. 

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