Be honest with me. How many hours have you consumed k-pop dance covers on Youtube? I'm not embarrassed to say that the little reminder to "take a break" has popped up more than once. Watching people put their spin on a song or choreography that I enjoy is an excellent way to pass the time. I know I can't be the only one that feels this way.

     That's how I found out about XENEX. Someone shared a video of them dancing to Dreezy's Ecstacy, and I decided to check it out. The members' dance styles seemed so smooth! I didn't realize that they were more than just a cover group until the next video began to play. Halfway through the video, I scrolled down to see what their fans were saying. The top-rated comments all were exclaiming how fantastic their debut was. I was shocked! Debut? No way. I had to find out more information on these talented men.

     XENEX, which is short for Next Generation, is comprised of  leader Taeha, vocalist Uhyeong, lead dancer Ingon, rapper Bon and youngest member Minjong. They debuted on February 25th of this year under BeastMode Label. XENEX came together through auditions and because they all had similar dreams and aspirations. 

     While watching their debut music video, I noticed that the choreography and song complemented each other. The song had a very dark and intense feeling, and the dancing reflected that. When I spoke to XENEX, I asked about the concept of both. Rapper Bon replied that they tried to create something that would pull the viewer into a dreamy feel with its grand beat. Dancer Ingon followed up about the choreography by saying BEASTMODE Label CEO Reflex Jun created it. "It took us about six months to learn it, and it wasn't easy." Minjong chimed in, explaining that his whole body hurt for three weeks before he got used to it. I am no dancer, but I could tell how complicated the movements were. All the members looked like they were moving effortlessly the entire time. Just take one look at the m/v and you'd have to agree.  

     While performing on music shows like Show Champion, you could see their energy and confidence while performing. Ingong said they were so nervous when they stepped on their first stage, but the experience was amazing, and they couldn't wait to do it again. Uhyeong added that once on stage, he turned into beastmode. 

     It's been three months since they released their debut song, but Xenex assured me that they were working hard on their next release. Minjong and Uhyeong add, "We are writing and composing new music, so please look forward to it." I can't imagine what they are planning for their next song, but if their debut is any indication, it's going to be nothing short of amazing.

     The group wanted to thank their fans for sticking with them these past few months. "It's a tough time all over the world," Bon said, "but I want everyone to cheer up a little bit more so that we can be with you quickly." Taeha also expressed his feelings. "Your interest and love are very encouraging to us, and we are so grateful. In order to repay you for that, we will try to show you better music. We love you!"

     Check out all of XENEX's hard work by following their social media and watching their videos. Let us know which dance cover you like the most!

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