The highly anticipated debut of Omega X has finally arrived. The 11-member group released their five-track mini-album, VAMOS, and a music video for their title track. The music video features powerful beats and high-energy choreography.

     Omega X symbolizes constant change and growth. All members have either debuted with previous K-pop acts or appeared on audition programs. Now the members have another chance to shine in Omega X, and through their company’s Spire Entertainment, reality show Loading – One More ChanX.

“Omega X’s first mini-album ‘Vamos’ means ‘Let’s go’ in Spanish. The album starts with the instrumental ‘OX Win Ha!’ which introduces our worldview. Then there’s the title track ‘Vamos,’ full of strong beats and hip-hop elements, followed by the charming and kitschy ‘Ice Tag’ and EDM track ‘Omega X.’ The last track, ‘Younger’, is dedicated to our fans."
-Omega X’s Hangyeom

Check out Omega X’s debut video and support this dedicated group!

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