K-pop fans in Latin America need to get excited! The powerful female trio 3YE will perform on the Argentine streaming + VIVO platform on July 31. Here are the details below.

Date: Saturday, July 31, 2021

Argentina / Uruguay / Brazil - 8:00 pm Broadcast opening | 9 pm Show

Chile / Bolivia / Paraguay / Venezuela / Puerto Rico / Dominican Republic - 7 pm Broadcast opening | 8 pm Show

Mexico / Peru / Ecuador / Colombia / Panama / Cuba / Jamaica / Haiti / Bahamas - 6 pm Broadcast opening | 7 pm Show

Costa Rica / Nicaragua / El Salvador / Honduras / Belize / Guatemala - 5 pm Broadcast opening | 6 pm Show

Platform: www.masvivo.tv

Tickets: www.passline.com

FULL TICKET includes access to the concert on a single device for 24 hours. Audio in stereo, and video in HD.

FULL PLUS TICKET includes access to the concert in a single device for 24 hours. Exclusive backstage content, and the possibility of enjoying it with 8D Audio - immersive sound- and ULTRA HD video.

FULL PLUS VIP TICKET includes access to the concert on a single device for 72 hours. Exclusive backstage content, 8D Audio - immersive sound, ULTRA HD Video + virtual meet & greet

     3YE is a girl group with three members: Yuji, Yurim, and Haeun under the agency GH Entertainment. 3YE debuted in 2019 with the song DMT. 3YE's other works are OOMM in September 2019, QUEEN in February 2020 and their first mini-album TRIANGLE in April 2020. 3YE has been promoting the powerful single Stalker since April 2021.

     In 2019, they won the Best Newcomer of the Year award at the KY STAR AWARDS and the SHARING NEWS CHAIRMAN award at the 14th Korea Sharing Special Awards. Their covers in Spanish earned 3YE a large fanbase in Spanish-speaking countries that passionately interact with them on all their social networks. 3YE is an example of the versatility and talent of KPOP. It will be an unmissable show full of surprises that anticipates news for the advancement of KPOP in Latin America!