On a chilly October 18th, PLT embarked on their first tour in the US. The “WeGoHolic” tour has five stops with the first stop being at White Eagle Hall venue in Jersey City. I am a lover of Korean hip-hop and RnB, so I was extremely excited to attend this event.

     PLT is a collaborative group from Planetarium Records that debut in 2018. The members, Villian, Gaho, Moti, June and Jung Jin Woo were all in attendance and each artist seemed determined to whip the crowd into a frenzy.

     Gaho stepped on stage first and let the crowd know how nervous he was to perform in front of them. The crowd cheered him on and was soon swaying to his honey coated vocals. All too soon, his set was over. Jung Jin Woo was next to which I was extremely excited about. While he didn’t sing my favorite song of his, Colors, he did do a lot of fan favorites. When it was June’s turn, fans began holding up copies of his newest album, Today’s, in hopes that he would sign them.

     Up until this point, the atmosphere of the venue was really chill. Gaho, Jung Jin Woo, and June all have a jazzy vibe to their music which kept their fans excited, yet no one was jumping around. That all changed when Villian stepped on the stage. When the opening notes of Manitto began, the crowd erupted into screams and Villian’s constant dancing only added to the fervor.

     Moti closed out the solo performances but there was no time to feel sad when he sang his last song.  When the artists came back on stage at the end of night to do their collaborative works, you knew a party was getting ready to happen. The crowd was so hyped that PLT decided they couldn’t end the night on a laid back note and ended up performing Igoholic twice.

     The night was in short, amazing. Thank you to MyMusicTaste and Planetarium Records for putting on an incredible tour. If you can, check out PLT at the nearest stop. Also be sure to check out our photo coverage on our Facebook page!