I, Cecee must admit, went to see B1A4 completely unprepared.

     I have been a fan of B1A4 since their first adorkable entry into the K-POP scene with "OK Girl" in 2010. I have all their digital albums and not a day goes by without at least one B1A4 track on my mixes. I have also seen their music videos, variety appearances, and even their stage at KCON 2014. Despite all the above, "Four Nights with B1A4" made it very clear to me that I have lived my life too casually as a BANA. I knew they were talented and I knew I would have a great time at the show, but I was not ready for all the feelings that followed.

     BARO's buzzword of the evening was "LIT" and I must say, it is the closest I can come to describe my concert experience. B1A4's stage presence was so fresh, so clean, and the choreography was precise yet still relaxed. Musically, B1A4 is well known for mid-tempo tracks, so initially I thought the concert would be more of the chill variety. However, I was oh-so-wrong again. I'm not sure how B1A4 did it, but they somehow made every track feel like a BOP deserving a jam session. I've been to A LOT of shows at The Novo and this had the best sound-mix I've heard in all my concert going life. B1A4’s live vocals were so rich and melodic; I felt more connection to their live performances than listening to their albums.

     I don’t know where to begin to talk about the fan-service. It's necessary for any idol worth their salt to perfect their fan-service, but there was something about B1A4's style that just felt so genuine and unaffected. I know BANAs from the front row to the balcony, and back down to my corner of the sound booth, felt that special connection with each member sometime during the show. I was also very surprised by how dedicated they were to communicating with fans in English. We all know it's not easy to switch from one’s native tongue to English, so their effort was honestly very touching.

     These days, it's easy for some K-POP performers to go on stage and deliver a good, basic performance. However, B1A4 is NOT a basic group. I take note of any extra show amenities (multi-costume changes, fancy graphics, light designs etc..) that make K-POP shows stand out. B1A4 barely had one costume change, no real props (unless we count stools and water), and still managed to deliver a top-quality performance using just their vocals, dance, and stage presence.

     I wish someone would have warned me. If I had known that B1A4 would leave me in a post-concert depression, I would have armed myself with more merchandise and a MV playlist recovery kit. I came completely unprepared for all the B1A4 awesomeness in Los Angeles, but I will not make that mistake again.

     So please, the next time B1A4 comes to your city, don't hesitate to see them, and don't be like me. Be ready for the Awesome.

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