Hey guys!!


This is Kitty here and I am sooooooo excited that Kitty's Kpop is up to its 100th show!!!

And to celebrate I have decided to give away TWO autographed CDs to Aewen Radio Listeners!!

For the ones that tuned into my radio show yesterday, you already know what it takes to enter into this giveaway ^ ^

For the ones that are just seeing this now, you'll get the information about how to enter and what I'll be giving away!!!



The TWO autographed CDs that I will be giving away is.......

1. SONAMOO 2nd Mini Album Cushion (Normal Version) - autographed by ALL members

2. JJCC 2nd Mini Album Ackmong - autographed by ALL members


Now how to enter?

All you have to do is.....

1. Follow me on Twitter: @Kittyny91

2. Follow Aewen Radio on Twitter: @AewenRadio

3. Answer this question by filling in the form below: If there is ONE place you can visit in KOREA where would it be and WHY?

This giveaway ends on October, 31st and is open to international fans.

Easy right?

I wish everyone good luck and most of all thank you for tuning into Aewen Radio and Kitty's Kpop because without you guys I wouldn't be doing this ^ ^


**Winner Update**
Congratulations to @mznodame & @shikidrama!