• Aewen's Corner: Interview with Kream

           I’m predicting that 2017 will be the year of the new genres in Korean music. My favorite genre, Korean R&B saw a huge jump in popularity in 2016 due to the likes of Dean, Crush, Zion.T and

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  • Steph and Richard from Hallyu Back!

         If you're like me and want to know about the latest Kpop news and trends, then you will LOVE our guests for this spooky month of October. We had the honor of interviewing Steph and Richard from Hallyu

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  • Chillin' With The ChillWithUs Crew

      Smooth. Chill. Amazing. These are some of the words people use when listening to the music created by the ChillWithUs members.  For this month’s Aewen’s Corner, ChillWithUs agreed to an interview where we discussed everything from how long they’ve

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  • Aewen's Corner - Interview with whitneybae

      Hello Aewen Radio listeners! This month for Aewen’s Corner, we had the pleasure of interviewing whitneybae, who is an American YouTuber living in South Korea. Keep reading to find out more about her!   1. Please introduce yourself to

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  • Aewen's Corner - AO Dance Crew Interview

         Aewen’s corner is back again with another exciting interview for the HOT summer month! Our special guest this time is AO Dance Crew from Australia. The group is known for its amazing Kpop dance covers, so check out

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  • Aewen's Corner: Interview with Detempo

         Hello, Aewen Radio Listeners! This month’s interview for Aewen’s Corner is with Korean rapper, composer, and lyricist, Detempo (디템포). Detempo is no stranger to the music scene and has worked with artists like Kim Naehyun of Rock and

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  • Aewen's Corner: Interview with Nichola & Hugh of "My Korean Husband"

         This month for Aewen's Corner, we had the opportuntiy to interview Nichola and Hugh of the "My Korean Husband" blog!  Keep reading to find out their answers to our questions!   Please introduce yourself to our listeners and

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  • Aewen's Corner: Shirosky Interview

         Hello Aewen Listeners! This month's Aewen's Corner is with the jazz hip-hop producer Shirosky. Shirosky, whose name is Yoon Ha Yan, is no lightweight when it comes to producing music. Her last album, La Lecture, was met with

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  • Aewen's Corner - NOMTOM Interview

    Hey Aewen Listeners! Aewen’s Corner is back for the New Year with a BANG! For this month, we were fortunate enough to interview Tom Kim from NOMTOM&METOO, the Korean American K-Hip-hop duo in Los Angeles!! Check out the interview below

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  • Aewen's Corner - Interview with Kpop Fan Art Artist Anja!

    Hey Listeners What's Up!  This month we are starting a new series called 'Aewen's Corner'!  In this series we will be interviewing various people from the Kpop community and showing off their work.  This month we were lucky enjoy to

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