Teen Top U.S. Live Tour in Chicago Interview

     With nervous anticipation and signs in hand, fangirls and fanboys waited for Teen Top to take the stage at the Copernicus Center in Chicago on April 5th for their 2016 U.S. Live Tour. Most Angels could barely contain their excitement as it was their first time seeing these guys not on a computer screen, but in real life. Before we knew it, the lights dimmed and the crowd became a roaring sea of waving lightsticks and screams. Their crisp vocals and intricate dancing impressed fans right away with their first song “Hot Like Fire”.

     Teen Top performed many of their hit songs like “Warning Sign”, “Miss Right”, “ah-ah”, “I’m Sorry”, “Clap”, and more. One thing I knew before the concert is that they have to be one of the top dance groups, especially when it comes to their footwork. Seeing them live just confirmed what I originally thought. Everyone danced with high energy but the one person in particular that caught my eye was Ricky. All I can say, is that boy can dance!

     The guys must have been in a generous mood because each member spoiled fans with solo performances. Niel came out and got the crowd swaying to his song “Affogato”. Chunji followed in suit and calmed fans down with his cover of Loveholic’s “Dream of a Doll”. Changjo riled fans up with his sassy performance of Crush’s song “I Fancy You”. Crush must have been a theme because Ricky and Changjo also performed a duet of his song “Sofa”. C.A.P spiced up the night with his smooth performance of Action Bronson’s song “Baby Blue”. Needless to say, fans were feeling blessed that they got to witness these exclusive performances.

     After performing many songs, the guys took a break to have a Q&A session with the  crowd. Fans asked to see L. Joe’s aegyo in which he responded that he was embarrassed  to do it with there being male fans present but eventually he gave in and fans were much  delighted. Fans also wanted to know what C.A.P thought of his male fans in which he  replied that he  thought “they were good” and the crowd shrieked in response. Chicago fans  were very  intrigued with C.A.P’s tattoos and he was even requested  to show them off. One  lucky  fanboy even got to go on stage to hug Niel. If one thing was  for sure, the guys did not  hold back in showing their appreciation for  their international  fans.

     As the concert began inching its way  towards the close, the guys made sure to  interact  with fans during the last couple of  songs. They took selfies with fans’ cameras  and gave  out high fives. All good things must  come to an end and eventually they were  saying their  goodbyes and promised to  make their way back to Chicago in the future.  It was  bittersweet for Chicago Angels  because although they were sad to see them  leave, they  were also ecstatic to have been able to see them perform in person. After the  guys left  the stage, fans couldn’t stop smiling and reliving their favorite moments of the night.

     On behalf of myself and Chicago fans alike, I would like to thank Teen Top’s label, Top Media, for allowing them to go on tour fulfilling many Angels’ dreams. Also thank you to the organizer Studio PAV M&C and sponsor KPOPLive.TV for working hard in having the show run smoothly.

Definitely check out our exclusive interview with the boys below and our photo coverage from the event here.

<3 Elle from The K-Nerds



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