Exclusive Interview with Ailee

     Often times nicknamed the "Asian Beyonce," powerhouse vocalist Ailee gave a spectacular performance at the Agua Caliente Resort and Casino in Rancho Mirage on Saturday, November 14. Not only were we at Aewen Radio able to go and see her amazing performance, we were able to get an interview with her as well!

     Before the concert started, Amber and I were led backstage to Ailee's dressing room for our interview. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we were unable to capture it on video, but here is Aewen Radio's exclusive interview with Ailee!


Amber: Hi, Ailee! Nice to meet you. We have a few questions for you today, thank you for taking the time to do an interview!

Ailee: Hi, nice to meet you too!

Amber: So, first question. This is your first time in the desert, right?

Ailee: Yes, it is! It's my very first time, and I'm absolutely amazed at how big it is, and how wide! I didn't realize the desert could be this cold; I thought it was always hot! When I got here, I was really surprised; I was wearing a thick jacket and it was just really cold! It's freezing!

Amber: Speaking of new places, is there anywhere in particular you would like to perform?

Ailee: I would love to perform and be wherever anybody needs me! I definitely want to see the fans that want to see me too.

Amber: I have some fans that have said they would love for you to visit Houston! Would you be interested in that?

Ailee: Yes, of course! I would just love to go wherever the fans are! Also, I heard that serving sizes and food portions are huge in Houston so I would love to go since I love to eat and I eat a lot, haha! A girl's gotta eat!

Amber: That's awesome! Next question, I know you like to watch reaction videos. Do you have any that stand out to you a lot? I know JRE really likes you!

Ailee: Oh, JRE! Yeah, he's really funny! JRE, Wassup?! Thank you for your support!

Amber: Okay, our next question is about you. What inspired you to be a singer? Was there a particular singer or moment that made you think, "Oh! THAT'S what I want to be in the future?"

Ailee: Actually, I don't really remember since it was so long ago and I was so young! It's all I can remember, honestly, like it's the only memory I have. I don't know how or where it started, but ever since I was a little girl, I've just always known that this is who I want to be and what I want to do. Amber: It's amazing that you've always known. I used to watch your Youtube videos and would just think to myself, "wow, she needs to be famous; she has such an amazing voice!"

Ailee: Aw, thank you so much!

Amber: Do you have any plans for your future Korean albums, or a possible American debut, for collaborations? A wishlist of who you would like to work with?

Ailee: In my Korean albums, I would love to work with Youngjae from 4Men, he's so amazing and talented! We're actually the same age, so we're friends! Also, I actually already did a collaboration in the past with Dynamic Duo, but I would love to work with them again. And I can't forget my big brother Jay Park!

Amber: Oh, Jay Park! Have you heard his new album?

Ailee: Yes, it's great! I haven't had a chance to sit down and really listen to it closely, but from what I've heard so far, it's amazing, and I can't wait to listen to the full album when I have the time!

Amber: Yeah, his album is pretty good! Alright, this is going to be our last one for the night. I mentioned it in the previous question, but are you planning on having an American debut?

Ailee: Right now, I 'm just looking for some good songs, and I'm still working on it. I just have so many things to do in Korea right now, and I'm not pushing back an American debut because of my Korean activity, but I just want to wait for the right moment!

Amber: I see. Well, we can't wait for your American debut as well as all your future albums! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, and have a great concert tonight!

Ailee: Thank you so much for having me!


     Afterwards, we were able to take a photo with her, and were then led back to our seats! The concert started off strong with "Don't Touch Me," a powerful cover of Ariana Grande's "Problem," and a song she dedicated specifically to her fans - with English subtitles on the screens! She blew the crowd away with several of her hit songs, including "I Will Show You," "Heaven," and "Mind Your Own Business," and English covers of Michael Bolton's "Georgia On My Mind," Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," and Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love" and "Halo," with breaks in between showcasing her phenomenal history on the popular Korean show "Immortal Songs." Her fan service was beyond amazing as well, with her constant bowing, cute poses, encouraging the crowd to sing along with her, and even changing lyrics of a song for a "very, very handsome" fan named Sokyeon whom she saw in the crowd (she later apologized to his girlfriend, who was sitting next to him during the concert).

     Not only were Ailee's vocals absolutely flawless, her dancing and rapping were, too! Even with her recently healed injury, she was able to pull off her dances with amazing power and attitude. For a special song performed with her childhood friend, Decipher, Ailee unsurprisingly amazed the crowd with some stellar rapping skills.

     From her triple threat abilities to her fantastic stage presence, Ailee's concert was definitely a night to remember! Very special thanks to Hugh Entertainment as well as Ailee's team for giving us the opportunity to interview Ailee and cover her concert, Amber for assisting in our interview, as well as Twitter users @izzybel95 and @KristinieC, and Kpop Amino users d.o_kyunsoo, hehe.kpop, and Amber The Awesome for sending us questions to ask Ailee!

     Make sure to check out Aewen Radio's Facebook page for photo coverage of the event, including photos from the interview and the concert itself!


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