Aewen's Corner: Interview with Kream


     I’m predicting that 2017 will be the year of the new genres in Korean music. My favorite genre, Korean R&B saw a huge jump in popularity in 2016 due to the likes of Dean, Crush, Zion.T and many others.  There is more to this multifaceted genre then just these big-name artists. They are on Youtube, Soundcloud and in night clubs scattered across South Korea. Let’s meet one such talented artist, Kream. Kream has been on the scene since 2014 when he released his single, Dalla. Now he’s back with the release of his EP, Talking To The Moon. Read on to find out about him in this month’s Aewen’s Corner.


DS: When did you start making music?

K: Ever since I decided to become a singer, I dreamed of being an R&B artist. The problem is all the entertainment companies in Korea wanted to put me in an idol boy band. I was treated unfairly during that time so I ended up leaving 4 companies. I was so upset with my situation in the entertainment companies, I decided to make my own music. In 2014 I finally released my first single ‘Dalla’ without anyone’s help. You can hear my anger in that song. 



DS: Who would you like to collaborate with?

K: I’d like to collaborate with Frank Ocean

DS: Do you have or are you working on an album?

K: I released my EP called Talking To The Moon

DS: Where can fans listen to your music online?

K: You can find my music on iTunes or on my Youtube channel

DS: Do you have any social media links?

K: You can reach me on Instagram @kream0128 and Facebook @kream0128

DS: Will you ever perform in the United States?

K: One of my small dreams is to perform in the US. If there is any invitation, I would love to!

DS: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

K: Thank you all for showing me your love and attention. I will reward that love and attention with good music.



Thank you to Kream for agreeing to this interview. Please check out his music and follow his social media listed above. 


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