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     If you're like me and want to know about the latest Kpop news and trends, then you will LOVE our guests for this spooky month of October. We had the honor of interviewing Steph and Richard from Hallyu Back to boost your spirits for the holiday weekend! For those who are familiar with the YouTube Channel Hallyu Back, check out our interview below to discover something new about Steph and Richard. If you don't know about Hallyu Back, then get ready to be enlightened and binge watch their videos! (Okay, maybe not binge watch...but I highly recommend it because they are great!)

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourselves and your YouTube channel “Hallyu Back."

Hey everyone! We’re Steph and Richard from HallyuBack and we’ve been making YouTube videos together for a little over 4 years now. We met in Korea in 2009, got married there in 2012 and moved back to NY a little over a year ago. Our main channel is focused around Korean dramas and news about Korean entertainment generally. We also have a vlog channel as well. :)

2. Whether it is about K-pop news, trends or vlogging, making YouTube videos is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. What would you say is the most challenging and the most rewarding part about making YouTube videos?

We work 7 days a week. I think one of the main challenges to doing what we do is to make it look easy. Accomplishing that is definitely a big challenge for us! One of the most rewarding aspects is being part of a supporting community who loves the same things we do! There are a lot of rewarding parts actually, like meeting fans in person or just some of the feedback we get from people who watch our videos. Having someone tell us they like watching our videos never gets old.

3. Out of all the K-pop news/trends videos that you have done so far, which one was your favorite or the most memorable, and why?

Gosh, we’ve done so many by now it’s hard to say! Recently we uploaded a video about BTS’s ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ MV that we’re pretty proud of. At the moment BTS seems to be on top of their game, and Army along with supporting their group, supported us too by swarming that video we uploaded! They seem to have the internet cornered at the moment LOL!



4. Although, there are many K-pop related YouTube channels out there, not many of them cover K-pop news/trends the way you both do with Hallyu Back. What would you say is the key factor(s) in building a successful YouTube channel like Hallyu Back?

We get this question more often these days, and we tell everyone the same thing: If you start a YouTube channel, don’t give up. Don’t quit. Never quit. For us anyways, it does help that we got started when YouTube was slightly less developed than it is now, but I still think it’s possible for new channels to have success too. You just have to work really hard at it, dedicate yourself and once you start, never stop pursuing it. In addition, I think it helps tremendously that we lived in Korea for so long. Drawing on that experience when creating videos is valuable.

5. After living in Korea for 7-8 years and being back in the U.S. for more than a year now, has your interest in certain genres of K-pop music and drama changed?

I know for Richard, he definitely loves Kpop more! He may actually listen to it now every day. In Korea, Kpop is played everywhere you go. Shops play it outside their doors to attract customers, and restaurants have it playing all the time too. Now that we’re here, we rarely hear it outside of our visit to local Korean restaurants. That’s probably the craziest difference we’ve noticed.

6. Steph, aside from making YouTube videos, you have an amazing talent in art and have produced tons of incredible paintings. Which of your most recent paintings would you say best represents you, Richard, and your two adorable cats (Maki and Minho) as a family?

WOW.. I really don’t know. The closest I think I’ve come to that is a painting called ‘Breaking Down Walls and an Adventure Into the Unknown’. We had just gotten Minho and felt like I was going through a lot of personal changes at the time. (See it here!)

7. If either of you can star in a Korean drama or be a part of a K-pop group for a day, which one would it be and why?

I would be in a Korean drama for sure! Although it would be fun to stand on a stage and be part of a K-pop group, that would take SO MUCH preparation work.. not to mention K-dramas are my bias. I would totally be in Coffee Prince if they omitted the Jajangmyun scene. There was a scene in that drama where Yoon Eun Hye had to eat like ten bowls of that stuff, and I can’t stand that dish. But I would do everything else!

8. What are your favorite Korean snacks? Favorite Korean food?

For me, I really like the coconut crackers and pepero. I also like the green tea mochi with red bean-walnut ice cream that I used to get at the convenience store. I think Richard loves kimchi and tuna kimbap. He basically lived on those two things when we lived there. We’re also both huge fans of Chicken Galbi (닭갈비).


9. Can both of you tell us a fun fact about yourselves?

I snort when I laugh sometimes. It usually catches people off guard. And, Richard has his own math theorem that he discovered and had published when he was in 9th grade. I always thought that was neat!

10. With the year 2016 coming to an end soon, what would you say is your biggest achievement thus far, and what are your goals for Hallyu Back in the upcoming new year?

There have been a lot of great achievements for Hallyu Back this year. For me personally, I feel like this was the year I became an artist. I sold a painting called Urban Decay back in February this year, and that was a very big and unexpected turning point for me. We have a lot of big and small goals for 2017 and for the future, some of which we’ll be revealing in due time. One goal that is for certain: to continue to make great videos that people around the world enjoy watching!

*I hope you all enjoyed the interview just as much as I did! I want to thank Steph and Richard for being our honorable guests on Aewen's Corner. Please check out more of their Youtube videos and follow them on their social media below!

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