Aewen's Corner - Interview with whitneybae

Hello Aewen Radio listeners! This month for Aewen’s Corner, we had the pleasure of interviewing whitneybae, who is an American YouTuber living in South Korea. Keep reading to find out more about her!
1. Please introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and how you got started.
Hey everyone! It's me, Whitney! Thank you for this opportunity to share! I'm an American YouTuber living in South Korea. I make funny videos in Korean about Korean culture, my experiences, trying things, etc. I also make funny vlogs in English about my life in Korea. I've been making home videos for as long as I can remember, so when I found out that people make a career on YouTube doing so, it felt like the perfect fit for me.
2. I’ve been watching your channels for a while now and I noticed that you have a wide range of videos including storytimes, collaborations with friends, Q&As, dance videos, and K-pop related videos. How do you come up with new ideas and which type of videos would you say is your favorite to make?
Almost all my videos are inspired by random conversations in my life, trends from the Internet, or things I see when I'm out and about. I daily take notes of things that happen to me or that I observed and later I'll expand on the idea and make a video about it. I enjoy doing collaborations with friends the most because there's lots of laughter happening. Laughter makes me the happiest.
3. Some of my favorite videos from you include the K-pop Idol FaceSwapping video, your K-pop Idol Impressions video, and your “My Story” videos. What are some of your favorite videos that you’ve made?
I actually like those videos too! When I was filming the Face Swapping video I was laughing so hard by myself I couldn't breathe! That was one of the most fun videos to make. Aside from that, I really like the "K-pop Singer Test" video where I sang a K-pop song and the app rated my singing ability. I was going crazy because the app was trolling me so hard, but looking back on it, it's so funny to me! Here's the video link btw.
4. Do you have a YouTube personality or entertainer that you would some day love to interview or do a collaboration with?  If so, who?
I have been faithfully watching YouTube since 2007, so there's so many amazing YouTubers I'd love to collaborate with. However, considering my audience, I think it would be fun to collaborate with the Korean beauty YouTuber Ssin because she's so playful and witty. Also the entertainers Eric Nam or f(x)'s Amber because they seem like people who like to let loose and have fun.
5. How long have you been dancing and are there any dancers that you really admire and get inspiration from when you are learning new dances?
I started taking dance classes when I was around 2 years old until I was 12 or 13. I started again after college. I wish I was better at it, but I just dance for fun as a hobby. My friend Ryan Yeom makes K-pop dance covers on YouTube and he always really impresses me. I also look up to my former dance teachers in Korea. They are amazing!
6. As you know a lot of K-pop fans hope to visit Korea or live there for a while.  As someone who has been living in the country for a few years, what advice would you give to those wanting to come?
Definitely come and visit! South Korea is such a great country! Just come before or after July because it gets really hot then! ;) The most important thing is to have an open-mind. There will be many things you've never seen before and cultural differences that you don't understand. Instead of just assuming or easily getting offended, ask questions. Be wiling to learn. Try to see things from their eyes. Most importantly, have fun and be safe.
7. If you could live somewhere else for an extended period of time, would you? And if so, where would it be?
I just visited Taiwan for the first time not too long ago and I loved it! The food was absolutely delicious and the people were very friendly and open. I would love to go back again for a few months. It's an interesting mix of Taiwanese culture, a little bit of American and Korean culture. I really want to learn more. Also for a time I was obsessed with Taiwanese dramas but that's a whole different story. :)
8. When you are not making videos, working, or hanging out with your friends, and have a moment to yourself to just relax, what are some of your favorite Korean and non-Korean songs to listen to?
I am loving GFriend these days. They remind me of INFINITE and I am a huge INFINTE fan. I like a variety such as Crush, Jessi, Lyn, Twice, Kisum, Standing Egg, Akdong many to name! But because so many good songs are being released in Korea all the time, I usually just listen to the songs on the top 100 chart and I'm satisfied. Also, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but, I am a HUGE fan of pop music. These days I've been obsessed with Carly Rae Jepson. Or to really relax my mind, my go-to these days has been Jhene Aiko. 
9. Lastly, where can listeners go to check out your work? 
My Korean YouTube channel is whitneybae 
My English YouTube vlogging channel is whitneybaeirl
My Instagram (Come say hi!) is @whitneybae
My Twitter (I'm always on here) is @whitneybaeirl
My Snapchat (I share random..kind weird moments) is @whitneybaeirl
You can check out Whitney's K-pop Playlist below~

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