Aewen's Corner - AO Dance Crew Interview

     Aewen’s corner is back again with another exciting interview for the HOT summer month! Our special guest this time is AO Dance Crew from Australia. The group is known for its amazing Kpop dance covers, so check out the interview below to learn more about this talented dance crew!

Please introduce your dance crew to our listeners and tell us about the group (e.g., what does A.O. stand for, where the group is from, etc.)
     Hi everyone, we are AO Crew from Australia! We were established in 2013 with 6 of our original members and have since been representing Melbourne, Australia and Oceania in Kpop events and festivals all around the world. AO stands for “Alpha” and “Omega” respectively. As the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, we came up with this name to signify our unity as a team and the importance of each member of the crew from the first to the last.

How long does it usually take your crew to learn a choreography and how many hours a day do you guys practice?
     Depending on the choreography, some dances will take longer than other dances. We usually aim to finish a choreography anywhere between two to four weeks so that we can move to the next phase of the project (e.g. filming or prepare for a performance).

I want to congratulate AO Dance Crew for their recent 1st Place win at the Kpop World Festival in Sydney; it is a great way to start the New Year. What did the crew do to prepare for this event? Did you guys do anything to celebrate this award?
     Apart from the rehearsals and training, we filmed the dance before the competition, which really helped us in performing the song. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to celebrate that night as we had to fly back to Melbourne very early the next morning, we just had a huge dinner with some of our Sydney friends as part of our celebration.

Who or what inspires each of you to dance?
     We all have very different inspirations. For some of us, artists such as MJ, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown were really influential in our dance lives. Other influences include Kai from Exo, Taemin from ShiNee. Furthermore, some of us were also influenced by dancers such as Marty Kudelka, Henry Link from Elite Force, and Gigi Torres.

Can you share a funny or interesting moment that happened during one of your dance cover filming?
     One of the funniest memories was whilst filming for “Dope - BTS” cover, Johnny managed to pull and punch himself in the nose during the dance. It’s much funnier to see in person than describing the event though..

Out of all the dance covers that your crew did, which one is your favorite and why?
     I think we are all pretty proud of all our productions but I think most of us said “Crazy - 4Minute” was our favorite. Our “BTS Concept Trailer” also deserves some mention.

Choose which member of the dance crew is the following and explain. The mood maker, the most popular, the shyest, the jokester/prankster, and the protector of the group.

Mood maker: Jonathan - he brings a lot of energy and hype to the them
Most popular: Johnny - hands down the most popular amongst our fans
The shyest: Tony
The jokester/prankster: Alicia
The protector of the crew: Will

What kind of challenges did the crew have to overcome to get where it is today?
     I think one of the most difficult challenges that the crew had to face was when a few of members left to pursue other dreams and ambitions. it was quite a challenge for us to push on and get to where we are today.

What other plans or activities can your fans expect for this year?  
     We are currently working on a few dances and YouTube projects, which will be released in the near future. We are also planning to have our 2nd audition during the latter half of the year in Melbourne so that’s something really exciting for us.


**Big thanks to AO Crew for taking the time to participate in this interview for Aewen’s Corner. You can check the crew’s social media below for more dance covers and updates!

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