Exclusive Interview with Apink


     This past weekend Apink concluded their ‘Pink Memory Tour’ in Los Angeles, CA at Club Nokia. It was an unusually cloudy day but that didn’t stop the Pandas from coming out to show support for the girls' first North American tour! Fans showed up in large numbers dressed to impress with fan signs and glow sticks in tow. 

     During their stop in LA, the girls answered fan questions, played games, and performed some of their biggest hits. Aegyo was the topic of most of the fan questions and the members didn’t disappoint the fans. Bomi showed off her aegyo by performing the confession song and Chorong was roped into showing off aegyo by performing the Gwiyomi song. The rest of the members also showed off their cute side during the games and performances.

     The fans were excited for all the performances but the one that stood out the most to me was the performance of ‘No No No’. The girls all had amazing voices and when they sang ‘No No No’ all the fan boys were ready with the Apink fan chants. The entire theater was buzzing with Apink fan chants that were on point. It was really nice to see/hear all the fans supporting Apink and I’m sure they appreciated it! Overall, Apink put on a great show and really tried to engage their fans despite the language barrier and they accomplished that goal!

     Aewen Radio was also given the opportunity to have an exclusive sit down interview with the members of Apink before their show. Keep reading to find out their answers to our questions.


This is the last stop of your first North American tour.  If you had the chance to come again on down time, is there one site or famous restaurant you would love to visit?

For this tour, we’ve visited four cities (Vancouver, Dallas, San Francisco, and LA) but because of the showcase, we haven’t really had the chance to enjoy the cities so if we were to come again we would like to enjoy what is around the city. Also, I (Eunji) recently watched the Harry Potter movies, so I really want to go to Universal Studios and experience the Harry Potter event. This is actually the second time we came here and for the last time we went to Santa Monica and had a great time so we wanted to visit when we came again this time. I (Bomi) got really inspired by all the artists' dancing and singing there so I really enjoyed it.


Chorong, you’ve written lyrics for some of Apink’s songs; what inspires you when writing?

When I’m writing, there is some sort of guidance but I mostly get inspired by romantic dramas and then I'll sometimes write from those inspirations. Most of our fans are young, so when I’m writing I want to make a connection to them.


Bomi and Namjoo, after doing your web dramas and gaining a little insight of the idol actress life, is it something you would like to further pursue?

Bomi: I was very nervous and excited the first time but for the drama I had a lot of mentors so I learned a lot and experienced a lot and would like to have another opportunity to be in a drama.

Namjoo: I was also nervous and excited but I also want to get more experience in drama and would also like to take on more challenging roles.


Eunji, you’ve recently become well known for being an idol-actress.  Is it hard balancing your Apink activities and your filming schedules?  How do you do it?

Physically it’s hard to do both acting and Apink activities at the same time and I can handle it but there just isn’t enough time to do all of the things at the same time so it makes me want to work harder. Going through these hardships are mentally hard but it helps me process what I want to do although sometimes I get lazy.


Naeun and Hayoung, your fans want to know if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Naeun: I would like to have the ability of teleportation because when we are going to concerts and events there could be traffic and such so I would like to be quick and just teleport.

Hayoung: I also want to be able to teleport but I would also like the ability to erase bad memories because I remember them very easily so I would like to have the ability to erase them.


What has been your most memorable moment that has happened from debut to present?

Eunji: Our first concert that we had last year.  We dreamed about this even before our debut so it was good to see a lot of our fans and we were able to make a lot of connections with them.


Does Apink have any goals that you would all like to accomplish both as a group and individually, for 2016?

Hayoung: We’ve been traveling to other Asian countries and also North America so we would like to have more opportunities to show our performances and working continuously and showing off our musical style.


A big thank you to Acube and KpopMe for granting us this interview with Apink.  Be sure to head over to our Facebook page to check out photos from the event!


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