Turbulence in Chicago with GOT7

     This past Wednesday, thousands of fans from far and wide flocked to Chicago’s Rosemont Theater to spend the evening with one of K-Pop’s hottest acts, GOT7. Returning to Chicago for the third time since 2015, GOT7 met with fans from around the globe in a 2-hour fanmeet and left them with memories that would last a lifetime.

Got7 started the evening with a 2-song set that warmed the hearts of those willing to brave Chicago’s wintery weather. They then moved into a Q&A session to answer many of the fans’ burning questions. Among the questions asked, several stood out including the ever popular, “If you weren’t an idol, what would you be doing with your life?” Though die-hard fans of JYP Entertainment’s beloved group may not have been surprised by any of the members’ answers, they were still enthusiastic about their responses as each member’s answer seemed to live up to the fans’ expectations.

     The group’s youngest member and lead dancer, Yugyeom, admitted that if he weren’t an idol, he would still have pursued a career in dance. On the other hand, one of the group’s lead rappers, Jackson, admitted that he would have probably become an athlete. As for the lead vocalist, Jinyoung, he expressed that he would have become an elementary school teacher while, the main vocalist, Youngjae, admitted that he had once considered a career as a music therapist. Mark, the group’s main rapper, told fans that if he weren’t an idol, he would probably just be another normal college student. Along those same lines, the group’s leader, JB, said that he would be a regular guy, doing regular day-to-day things, such as hanging out with friends and going to school. Last but not least, the group’s lead rapper, BamBam, had the most surprising answer of the night as he told fans that he would have become a YouTuber.

     After an extensive Q&A session, the group moved into a multi-song set, which included popular tracks, “Boom x3” and “Just Right.” Since this was a fanmeeting, games and fan interaction were a big part of the event. With games ranging from “Name that Tune”, to hacky sack competitions with 7 lucky audience members, GOT7 kept fans laughing with all their silly antics and competitive spirit. With one final set of songs left, GOT7 wrapped up the evening much to the audience’s dismay. Nevertheless, since no fanmeeting is complete without a final farewell, each member took a moment to thank fans for their never-ending love and support.

     With promises to return soon, GOT7 said goodnight. However, the fans weren’t ready to let them go just yet and chanted for an encore. They wildly begged for more and GOT7 was quick to respond. The boys returned to the stage for one last performance and delivered an energetic encore for their fans. It was truly a memorable event as they ended the evening’s joviality with smiles, waves, and enough fan service to make happy iGOT7s cry.

     Thanks to SubKulture Entertainment, fans who attended the “GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence in USA 2017” stop in Chicago were able to experience an evening with GOT7 like no other. Filled with joy and left with enough memories to last a lifetime, fans of GOT7 who were lucky enough to attend this fanmeeting will undoubtedly look back on this evening as one of the best night’s ever. It’s not hard to imagine that many fans from Chicago, and beyond, are already counting down the days until GOT7 returns to the Windy City.

     For photo coverage check our our FB album at bit.ly/GOT72017Chicago!


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