DEAN Live in Los Angeles

DEAN-fluenza spreads fast and furious when he comes to town, and if you didn’t know, just ask the many fans who packed into the Mayan Theater on Friday night. Hosted by Transparent Agency, home to local legends Dumbfoundead and Far East Movement, concert tickets for DEAN’s show sold out in two hours, with less than 3 weeks’ notice and some social media posts. Lines for ticket holders wrapped around the block and everyone came hyped and ready for DEAN. 

Fifteen minutes prior to doors opening, media ushered into the concert hall during a last-minute sound check and got a sample of the DEAN goodness that was to come. Once doors opened, crowds of DEAN lovers rushed in jamming to the pre-show DJ tracks. The opening acts, Grammy award winning artist Starro, featuring Them Jeans, got the crowd moving with some funky, body rolling beats. Hats off to the openers, as it is never easy keeping fans upbeat and attentive for over thirty minutes. However, as we approached the 40-minute mark, the DEAN fans were starting to get restless, and the shouts for “DEAN Daddy” to come on stage grew ever louder.

DEAN finally hit the stage around 8pm, and the piercing screams rivaled any beats pounding the eardrums. Performing his hottest tracks “Put My Hands on You”, “Pour Up”, “Bonnie & Clyde”, “D (Half Moon) and “21”, DEAN swaggered up and down the stage, looking extra relaxed and dapper in a long coat with corset tie accents. The talk breaks were hard to hear, but it sounded like DEAN got his “Pour Up” on prior to taking the stage. After hearing about his chaotic ordeal with customs, I think everyone could understand the sentiment. Twenty minutes into the set, DEAN disappeared back stage much to the dismay of the audience. Shouts for the encore ensued and after a five-minute break, DEAN was back on stage for his final song. Cue the intro music to his breakout song “I’m Not Sorry” and everyone in the crowd is singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs. As the crowds’ singing overtook the sound system, DEAN simply extended his mic and let them take the wheel. By 8:30pm, DEAN exited the stage. leaving everyone feeling bereft and wondering why the set list was so short. The show at the Mayan felt more like a showcase than a concert, which at this point feels small scale for the kind of fandom DEAN has pulled in over the last year.

If an artist’s influence is measured by the passion of their fandom, then DEAN is well on his way to domination. His ascension from music producer/writer to headliner could almost be mistaken for overnight. In an industry dominated by groups rolling in members numbered 5 & up, it’s a wonder that a solo artist like DEAN can easily sell out US venues with just word-of-mouth. Perhaps 2017 will bring DEAN fans the hour-long show they’ve been waiting so patiently for. Till then, I think we are all thankful to Transparent Agency and DEAN for giving us a taste of great things to come.


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